An afternoon in Concord (Part 2)

Aug 05 2013

I hadn't been to Concord in about two years, so what a treat it was to discover a new shop (Well, new to me), Jack + Toba.  Store owner Suzy Adler Watters said she's been in business a year and 9 months.  The bright red...

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An afternoon in Concord, Massachusetts

Aug 02 2013

Last Friday my mom and I drove up to Concord, MA.  I love Concord- a quintessential New England town, full of history, beautiful homes and a lovely town center.  They also have a thriving small business community.  Four of my favorite shops are Nesting on...

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Technical difficulties…and summer gardens

Jul 30 2013

This week I was hoping to blog on my afternoon in Concord, MA and the lovely stores there.  However, my laptop (which has all my photos) has been acting up ever since my 6 year old  was using my computer while eating a drippy, sticky popsicle...Ugh!  So until...

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I’m dreaming of a white kitchen

Jul 26 2013

I love white kitchens.  If you take a look at my "Kitchens" page on Pinterest, you 'll see what I mean.  I'm drawn to these light, airy and classic spaces...and can't get enough!  I spend so much time in our kitchen (sometimes I feel like...

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France & Italy Trip

Jul 23 2013

Hello friends!  Sorry for the long absence, but I just returned home last week from a month long adventure in France and Italy.  I was hoping to post while over there, but between the unreliable Wi-Fi (Wiff – Ee as they call it...

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Stylish bookshelves

Jun 13 2013

Bookshelves...they're not just for books!  Take a look at these stylish shelves featured at Coastal Living and get inspired to restyle yours!  Highlight a few special items by keeping it simple and painting the back of the bookcase a contrasting color.    Floor-to-ceiling built-in cases provide sizeable storage space. ...

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