Evening in the Garden

07 Aug Evening in the Garden

I love spending time in my garden at the end of the day. The heat has subsided and the harsh daytime shadows have diminished. It’s a great time to photograph blooms. My garden was a bit neglected while I was away for the month, but I’ve been giving it lots of TLC since my return and the flowers have been responding to my nuturing. These pics of the foxgloves and peonies were taken in June before I left. 

I planted these 2 foxglove plants two years ago in the spring.  When I brought them home from the nursery they were already blooming.  Foxgloves can be tricky- some gardeners will tell you to treat them as annuals, while others consider them biannuals.  You’ll also find gardeners who say their foxgloves return year after year.  So…I kept my fingers crossed and hoped they would return the following spring, but sadly they didn’t.  So imagine my surprise when they popped up this year!  I almost pulled them out of the garden in early spring, thinking they were weeds!  But they gave me these beautiful blooms.  Let’s see what happens next year…

Absolutely gorgeous peonies…they leave me speechless!
Catmint blooming with geranium and creeping jenny.
And what’s blooming now…

Annabelle hydrangeas

I love the colors on this coleus mixed with the begonias.

Zinnias…great for cut flowers.

Black Eyed Susans with Autumn Joy Sedum

Beautiful hydrangeas with hostas and impatients.
Hostas in the shade.

We have two mandevilla plants that are growing up our side porch and giving us lots of blooms.

Wispy Russian Sage

Phlox along our picket fence.
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Enjoy the day!

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  • terry
    Posted at 18:44h, 27 September

    I love all of these.. My next project is doing a photo gallery up the second floor stairs… Thanks you for posting these beautiful pics!!!!