Cape Cod Interior Design
Cape Cod Landscape Design

Because we are one of the only design firms on Cape Cod specializing in both interior and landscape design, Summerland Homes & Gardens has become the go-to choice for discerning homeowners who wish to completely transform their home, both inside and out.

Interior Design

As a full-service interior designer on Cape Cod, we work with both year-round residents and second home owners. Some clients may partner with us from the first stages of building a new home or beginning a full remodel, while others opt to undertake just a room or two.

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Landscape Design

With landscape design, we also provide a full range of services, including comprehensive, detailed designs for both new homes and landscape renovations, and smaller projects such as creating an outdoor living room or adding a terrace with a fire pit.

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Regardless of the size of your project, we always begin with a consultation at your home. Spending time there allows us to see how you and your family use your home, ask questions, and provide a realistic and objective assessment. We will then customize a plan specific to your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Whether you’re rethinking your home’s living spaces or landscape, Summerland Homes & Gardens can help you turn your home into a sanctuary.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation; 508-320-8582.